Thursday, December 30, 2010

Judge me not!

How often do you pass a second glance to the man rushing past you? How often do you notice his sweaty brow, knit in anxiousness as he shouts into his cell phone? How often do you visualise life through his eyes?
Or life through the eyes of the newly wed bride who, wearing a dozen bright red bangles,nervously tries to adjust her veil knowing that every pair of eye is on her, intently noticing her; judging her.
Or maybe the child you see every day on his way back from school, completely engrossed in his own magical little world, rambling to himself and unconsciously kicking the pebbles in his way.

Do you ever wonder who you would be if not you?

I judge people. I judge them for every single action of theirs. I judge them for how they talk, who they talk to, what they wear and how they act. I judge them if they don’t use proper grammar, if they’re hypocritical and even if their face annoys me.

Yes I am judgemental yet I don’t classify everything into black and white and deny the existence of shades of grey. That would be unfair.

Did you ever wonder what went on in the mind of Harvey Dent as he chose the path of evil after being the perfect altruist all his life? Is there not a tragedy and despair arising from the actions of a thankless selfish society to blame for turning him into Two Face. They think it befitting to judge and categorise him into the ‘evil’ label little knowing that it was the evil in all of them who created him.

Everyone has the tiny specks of evil blended in their personality. Maybe they are less evil than you, maybe more. But before you judge them think of why the specks exist. You are sure to find a reason enough to not hate them for it.

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