Monday, December 27, 2010

Welcome world!

Since I could not think of something really cool right now, I decided to leave the christening of my blog to later and right now, put the first thing I could think of.
Dilli Autos are so blended in my existence that even now, they're the first thing I think of.
I share a complex relationship with them. Hate them for the auto wallah who are a disgusting, money scrounging, proud, rude lot. With exceptions. Every now and then you find a kindly auto wallah and send blessing to his soul.
Yeah so hate them for all of this and love them for the simple concept of portability.

That should sufficient explain the blog url.
Also, I can never manage to think of an alternate name;a pseudonym for myself. Been trying since years now. Comes with loving your name I guess. Don't think replacing it with anything would do it justice. Or me. That comes with being vain.

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