Friday, January 14, 2011

Who were you?

Remember watching Hollywood movies on school cliques and wondering how, surprisingly, no Bollywood movies ever focus on that; maybe just questioning if we do have cliques at all. Its strange how all Indian kids get classified into three basic categories: the bespectacled nerds, the ambitionless ruffians and the plastic snobs. I remember writing this whole long piece for my school magazine once about how ‘My School Has Cliques’. My better sense prevailed since back then I did not have much censor (or sense) and quite a few would have been offended. But now that we’re out of school we all have our fancy delusional stories to tell about how cool we were in school. In everyone else’s head we were who we always wanted to be. Cool like that. I might write about it today, since exams are over and I’m planning to be a dedicated blogger.

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